Another world

The waves of time, oil on canvas, 50.70 cm, 2021, € 450


Under the orange tree, oil on canvas, 120.100 cm, 2021, € 600

Growth of a flower, oil on canvas, 70.100 cm, 2021, € 500

The emancipation in the apocalypse, 70.100 cm, 2021, € 500


(Still in progress)

I switched back to canvas and oil colors after years of working with ink and watercolor to realize the multi-color ideas and dreams which I experienced in the past year; the world in which the sea is wavy and the mountains are ready to explode. They are colorful and dreamy and convey the world in which you can bloom on the tree or just relax under its shade; through imagination the choice is yours!
All the characters are some part of me which appear on canvas honestly.

"Another world" is about acceptance, emancipation, and the joy of daydreaming.

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