Illustrator, painter

Ladan Tofighi

Ladan Tofighi is an Iranian artist based in Milan who works in different contexts and techniques.

She left Tehran to express herself freely through her paintings and stories.




BFA Graphic Design, Art and Architecture university, Tehran, 2006

BFA Painting, Brera Academy of fine arts, Milan, 2016

Illustration course, Istituto europeo di design, Milan, 2017

Group Exhibitions

Sinestesie Premio, L’aquila, Italy, 2014

SHU Milano, Milan, 2014

Brera Academy, Open day, Milan, 2015

Redroom, Special Book City Milano, Milan, 2018

The Holy Art Gallery, London, 2021

St-Art Factory, Milan, 2021

Boomer Gallery, London, 2021

Two person exhibition, Milan, Cascina Martesana, 2021

Oggetto libro, Milan, Biblioteca nazionale Braidense, 2021

Live Paintings

Italian Wall Design, Spazio Lambrate, Milan, 2017

Giardino Di San Vittore, Milan, 2018

Base Milano, Milan, 2018

Gomma Festival, Rob de Matt, Milan, 2018

Mare Culturale Urbano, Milan, 2018

Frida Isola, Milan, 2018

Il Sabato di Lambrate, Milan, 2018

Garage Galassia, Milan, 2019

trAILs workshop, Valdieri, 2019

Collaborative Projects

A collaboration with “AIDAJAN” brand, Milan, 2015_2018

 Formulations of assembly,  a collaboration with Zoya Sardashti, Mare culturale Urbano, Milan, 2018

A collaboration with “AXIS” group, Milan, 2019

Professional Experiences

Interior mural painting, Milan, 2014

Film poster design, “The celebration”, Turin, 2014

Music cover Artworks, ” The Letter Noon” & ” Shirman”, Milan, 2014_ Present

Interior mural painting, Tehran, 2016

Poster design, “Terraealtrove”, Milan, 2016

Interior mural painting, “Savapo Matto”, Dalmine, 2019

Film poster design, “Quranic meeting”, Milan, 2019

Artistic kids workshop, Tibaldi library, Milan, 2019

Wine label, Milan, 2019

Poster design, “Ask an Iranian American”, San Diego, 2020

Poster design, “Norouz Party”, San Diego, 2020

Cover Artwork, Disco Riot, San Diego, 2021

Cover Artwork, Kroc Grad association, San Diego, 2021

Grants and Awards

Finalist of “CODE- COmpetitions for DEsigners”, Milan, 2019

2ND Winner of the “ATOPOS” exhibition, London, 2021

Interviews & Magazine 

Wu magazine, 2020

Marvelous art magazine, 2021




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